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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Things to note while loading Date Format values using Data Management into EPBCS/PBCS!

We all have loaded non-numeric (Text, Date & Smartlist, etc..) using the Data Management (FDMEE cloud). I thought I will reiterate the common mistakes done while loading the All data types data.


  • Check All Data Type (for Delimited or Multi Column)– under File Type in Import Format is selected.

The first step to verify the Import Format is set to Multi Column -All Data Type or Delimeted- All Data Type as Numeric data will not load Date format data.

In this screenshot, i am loading the Date to the member OCX_Purchase Date

Saturday, March 27, 2021

What is changing in EPM Cloud from Jan 2021 – Part 2



Starting with the 21.05 update, the runBusinessRule EPM Automate command will no longer let you run a ruleset against Planning, Planning Modules, Financial Consolidation and Close, and Tax Reporting applications. Instead, you should use the runRuleSet command to launch business rulesets using EPM Automate.

If you currently use scripts that use the runBusinessRule command to launch rulesets, you must modify them to use the runRuleSet command.

Copy data in a ASO cube between members of a same dimension!!!

 I came across a request to copy data between versions for an EPBCS application, absolutely a common request but this is for an ASO Cube. We all have done 100 times this on a BSO cube but for me, this was the first request on an ASO cube.

Let I narrate the process to copy data in an ASO cube between members of the same dimension


  • Create a new rule in the calculation manager under the respective ASO cube

Thursday, December 31, 2020

What is changing in EPM Cloud from Jan 2021 – Part 1


This blog will cover the important changes effective from Jan or later in 2021, I will share this again….



As part of the new Redwood experience, we are introducing the Dynamic Tabs feature only within the Redwood theme in the 21.02 update. Dynamic Tabs will allow you to open tabs on the fly, both from a list view or from an existing navigation flow tab to perform related actions. Some use case examples: view drill through from a form in a new temporary tab; view a form in design mode; open Web ad hoc from a form or dashboard; open forms from right-click menus; open dimensions on the fly to view how members are calculated.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

"Format code" in PBC/EPBC Calculation Manager

Its been a while I blogged due to my work schedule, but thought I will share this with all on a great handy option that surprised me.

 It’s the “Format Code” in the Calculation Manager. This is the definition from the document When you Format Code, the lines of the script are grouped together and are indented, and blank lines are removed. 

To explain how this works this is my code written before formatting the code,

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud June 2020 update part 2

This is in continuation of Part 1 series of the June 2020 new updates for the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management.

Quick one today is the sortMember

Sorts members of Entity, Account, Scenario, and Versions dimensions and of custom dimensions. This command is useful for sorting dimension members after loading members into Planning.


You cannot use this command to sort members of Period, Years, and Currency dimensions.

 This command works only for Planning.

EPM AUTOMATE Login issue - password with ()

A quick tip on a Sunday afternoon, I was trying to login to the EPM AUTOMATE using the login command and it was failing.

I did notice that my password contains open and closed braces ( ). 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud June 2020 update part 1

I want to highlight the June 2020 new updates for the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management in this blog, yes I will be stressing on the REST API and the Groovy 😊

All the common new updates across are listed below, and I would handpick my favorites here...

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Inspirage Webinar on Epm integration agent

My presentation

ODTUG Learn from Home S E R I E S-Automating Security Management in PBCS!

Due to COVID -19, my KSCOPE 20 session was canceled. But the session was added to ODTUG Learn from Home S E R I E S-Automating Security Management in PBCS!

For those who couldn't attend I am uploading my presentation for your reference.

Happy days on the cloud!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Why its important to run the EPM Automate upgrade!

Downloading EPM Automate from the PBC/EPBC/EDMCS is not always the latest!

This came as a surprise while trying to install EPM Automate from the Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud (EDMCS) pod and trying out a command. It said the command not found

C:\Oracle\EPM Automate\bin>epmautomate importDimension FinPlan 'Cost Center' Merge EPM_Cost_Center_20200323.csv
EPMAT-7:"importDimension" is not an epmautomate command. See "epmautomate help".

The most similar commands are importmapping, importrates, importsnapshot, importbalances, importtemplate.

It said  EPMAT-7:"importDimension" is not an epmautomate command. See "epmautomate help".

So the one downloaded straight from the cloud instance is not the latest and we need to run the “upgrade” before executing any commands or if you happen to see the words IS NOT A EPM AUTOMATE COMMAND

Happy days ahead on the cloud!!