Thursday, May 26, 2016

#Kscope16 blog hop: BI & Data Warehousing sessions not to miss

This blog is something special to me, it’s not just a technical blog but expressing my interest on the presentations that will be presented in ODTUG KSCOPE16

In addition to EPM (which is my core area of interest) I would like to pay close attention to the “BI & Data Warehousing” the reason being simple there is always close integration EPM with the BI & Data warehousing.

We all know that EPM always to have a closer relation with the BI & data warehousing (it could be pushing/pulling the data, reporting, data mining etc...)

The Topics I am most interested in attending (in the order they appear in the website)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Database connection url difference for DB 12c with Hyperion Planning

A quick one today.I was in the process of creating a Hyperion Planning application in and came across this issue.

As a routine I have created the needed schema with the needed access and was creating a data source for the Hyperion Application.

As usual practice this was my connection url 

But I was not able to connect to the database.