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Thursday, May 26, 2016

#Kscope16 blog hop: BI & Data Warehousing sessions not to miss

This blog is something special to me, it’s not just a technical blog but expressing my interest on the presentations that will be presented in ODTUG KSCOPE16

In addition to EPM (which is my core area of interest) I would like to pay close attention to the “BI & Data Warehousing” the reason being simple there is always close integration EPM with the BI & Data warehousing.

We all know that EPM always to have a closer relation with the BI & data warehousing (it could be pushing/pulling the data, reporting, data mining etc...)

The Topics I am most interested in attending (in the order they appear in the website)

  •  Does Your Data Have a Story? Find Out with Oracle Data Visualization Desktop
Mike Durran , Oracle Corporation
Co-presenter(s): Stewart Bryson, Red Pill Analytics

Oracle Data Visualization (DV) Desktop makes it easy to get insight from YOUR data. This stunningly visual and intuitive desktop application enables you to access, blend, and wrangle a variety of sources including spreadsheets, databases, and applications, and tell the story of your data. In this session, learn about the capabilities of DV Desktop to create compelling analytic narratives, including how YOU can rapidly apply advanced analytic techniques to gain insights previously only accessible to advanced users.

  • Integrating Essbase with OBI
Carol Krajewski , interRel Consulting

In this session, you will learn how to import an ASO and a BSO Essbase cube into the repository and some of the tweaks that can be done in the repository. You will learn how and why to assign value hierarchy types, how to handle multiple hierarchies in ASO cubes, to cache or not to cache, how to work around the value bug in and 12c, and finally, how to show Essbase in OBIEE.

  • OBIEE and Essbase, Oh My!

                    Carol Krajewski , interRel Consulting

Have you tried to implement OBIEE and failed? Or have you just been curious what OBIEE is and how to add Essbase as a data source? This presentation will showcase how Berlin Packaging met the need for online analysis and mobile access to data anywhere and anytime. See how OBIEE and Essbase work together to deliver data to the hands of your information consumers.

  • OBIEE 12c and Essbase: What's New for Integration, and Reporting Against EPM Sources
Mark Rittman , Rittman Mead

OBIEE 12c has some interesting new features around Essbase integration, including improvements around using Essbase as a query acceleration layer and general improvements around usability and RPD/Outline integration. Come to this session to see what they are, how they affect OBIEE/Essbase integration, and where this initiative may be going over time.

  • Quick Start to Setting up Planning Sources in OBIEE
Wayne Van Sluys , interRel Consulting

You’ve heard the hype – Oracle Hyperion Planning is now a supported data source for OBIEE! This enabling technology will allow you to now view all of the text data from your Hyperion Planning applications in your OBIEE dashboards. Join us for this session, where we’ll cover two critical topics: First we’ll demo how this looks from an end user perspective. Next we’ll show you the steps to set up on the connections, model in the RPD layer, and finally build the end user views to pull the planning data. We’ll share tips and tricks along with lessons learned on when you use this type of connection vs. Essbase connections. Now that Hyperion Planning is a supported source for OBIEE, don’t miss this opportunity to see the steps in action on how to get this up and running.

Thanks for attending this ODTUG blog hop! Looking for some other juicy cross-track sessions to make your Kscope16 experience more educational? Check out the following session recommendations from fellow experts!

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Excited to see you all in ODTUG KSCOPE16!!!


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