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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Database connection url difference for DB 12c with Hyperion Planning

A quick one today.I was in the process of creating a Hyperion Planning application in and came across this issue.

As a routine I have created the needed schema with the needed access and was creating a data source for the Hyperion Application.

As usual practice this was my connection url 

But I was not able to connect to the database.

One my collogue gave me the advice to use this url instead of the one I used above (after he did tried multiple options)


Well it worked :-) this time.Used / instead of : after the database port.

So what is changed, was it a change in behaviour in DB12c?

Will post as i get the answer. 

Edited on 12th May 2016 with the possible answer - Special thanks to Srinaath KS - Oracle

The colon ":" implies SID and the slash "/" implies service_name. The connection by SID is deprecated. 

so it should be using the slash / like  jdbc:oracle:thin:@DbServer:1521/pdborcl

Thanks for stopping by, happy Planning.

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