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Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to assign more than one owner for an Planning Unit

A interesting discussion came in Oracle OTN which says that having trouble in mapping Budgeting Requirement for approvals and data entry. Is there any way that we can have more than 1 user for any given planning unit?

For example there are 20 entity members and we each member represents a different location/geography. Each Entity member do have 1 user for data entry and 1 approval. The Power User from the Head Office that also have authority to change/update the budget data for all the 20 entities. 

So how can 2 or more users can play the role of Owner for a particular planning unit (Entity)? 

Well we all know that under users you cannot select more than 1 user for a Planning unit.

But of-course we can add the Group :-) . And add the needed users under that group, it’s that simple.

As per the Product document, 

Assigning a Group as the Owner 

Only one user or one group can be assigned as an owner of a planning unit. Within a group, any user can become the owner, but only one user can be the owner at a time. Only the user assigned as an owner can perform actions. Other group members can take ownership away from the current owner. If no one is assigned as the owner, then anyone in the group can perform actions on behalf of the group without having to first claim ownership. 

Just make sure that all the users added to the group set their email notification under the File -> Preference to receive the email notification for the approvals

Well that's it for now folks, Happy Planning.

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