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Friday, April 15, 2016

Why i have to apply "Patch Set Update: FDMEE"?

In this post let me cover the importance of the "Patch Set Update: Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition"

This PSU is can be applied to the following releases:
· and later
The Patch do have some notable new Features:
FDMEE can now be used as a primary gateway to integrate on-premise and cloud based applications. This feature allows EPM customers to adapt cloud deployments into their existing EPM portfolio. You might use the integration to import data from existing on-premise ERP applications, or synchronize data between Cloud and on-premise applications.
In this release, Data Relationship Management has been integrated with FDMEE. Data Relationship Management functions as a hub where reporting structures are maintained, analyzed, and validated before moving throughout the enterprise. It is a change management solution for building and retaining consistency within master data assets.
Used in combination with FDMEE, you can:
• export dimensions and hierarchies from an ERP system to Data Relationship Management
• import data load mappings from Data Relationship Management

Let’s apply the patch,

To integrate Data Relationship Management with FDMEE (optional):

Apply Hyperion Data Relationship Management Release Patch Number 23012151. Refer to the readme for patch 23012151 for install instructions.

The FDMEE application template is installed as part of the Data Relationship Management installation. You use the template to configure the Data Relationship Management metadata to enable integration with Oracle FDMEE.

I will cover the FDMEE integration with DRM in a different blog.

For Linux/UNIX, enter:

./opatch apply /u01/Oracle/Middleware/EPMSystem11R1/OPatch/22452414 -oh /u01/Oracle/Middleware/EPMSystem11R1 -jdk /u01/Oracle/Middleware/jdk160_35 -invPtrLoc /u01/Oracle/Middleware/EPMSystem11R1/oraInst.loc

All database schema changes and ODI Scenario changes are updated during the FDMEE Server startup. Review the FDMEE server log (for example, aif-odi-install.log) after a successful startup. This is will take a while to start-up the service

Starting the FDMEE service

After Logging in to the Data Management, under the Target Application you could see

Yes there are additional options under Adding a new Target Application
  • You can add a On Premise Application 
  • Or an Cloud Application (eg: Oracle PBCS)

And also It gives the option to Enable the DRM, When you click on Enable DRM. You will get the following screen for integrating with a DRM service.

That's it for now folks
Happy applying the patch FDMEE

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