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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Opening big forms in Hyperion Planning

Came across this issue that Hyperion Planning a data form (it was one of the biggest form we had)  is taking a while to show the data and shows "fetching data" for a while.

This is was tested on

For On premise Hyperion Planning

Well there is flag available (for quite some time) to change the value of the number of the rows & columns are populated in the data forms.

As per the on premise document

Setting Application Defaults (For all the users)

Note: Once the setting is changed no need for the application server restart. And do remember this setting is at the application level for all the data forms.

To change the value  

Go to Application Settings-> Current Application Defaults -> Display Options

The default value you would find is 25 rows & 17 Columns.

Make sure you test the new value multiple times, as a wrong value will impact the performance.

The setting done by administrator above can be overwrite by the individual user too :-)

For the PBCS

Go to File -> Preferences

Well that it for now, Happy Planning !!!!

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