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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Customized role for End users to access the FDMEE (Data Management)

In one of our Hyperion Planning implementation, the user was asking for a role for a particular user to run the Interfaces and the batches.

We all know that “Run Integration” will do the trick (nothing special). After giving the “Run Integration” role to the needed user.

This is what the user was able to see/access, before you say it’s working as expected cool, there is a issue.

How he/she will edit the “Batch Definition”.  And yes Batch Definition is under the Setup tab J
Well that’s were FDMEE does gives us an option to customize the security

Go to Security Settings -> and Role Security
                                                                                Select the Role “Run Integration”

“Batch Definition” is needed in my case. So I have selected it.
Now login as the user and see the magic,

Great huh!!! Happy fishing…..

Note: this is tested on & the Excel Interface is needed to display the Setup tab.

Edited on 16th March 2016.

While running the interfaces they fail with the error message,
Essbase Error(1051041): Insufficient privilege for this operation

And it was found that there is a enhancement request which will be fixed in the upcoming version :-)

So, as per Oracle the user running the interface needs Hyperion Planning Admin access or Essbase database admin access.

So ran the test again with the Planning Admin access, it failed with the error message saying there are null in the data which is trying to load. Surprise again....

Gave the Essabse Write access to the user and run the interfaces again. it ran successfully.

Awaiting for the enhancement request :-)

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