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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Calling calculation script from FDMEE

An interesting and quite useful functionality provided by FDMEE, Calling a calculation script once the data is loaded to a Planning/Essbase application (well the my co-worker Walid enlighten  me,thanks buddy)

The actual documentation of the functionality is here  Using Calculation Scripts

Under the Setup ->Register Target Application-> Calculation Script (3rd tab)

  • So i did created a calculation Script in EAS by the name Con_GL_Bal

  • Under Script name entered the script name
  • Under the Calculation Script parameter, select the values you want to pass during the runtime. Oh yes you don't have to hardcore any values (example: Year,Scenario) aweeessssome...
  • Select the scope, the available options are 

Cool huh...yep pretty cool
  • I did selected the Data Rule and selected the appropriate Scope for the rule
  • Selected to run the scrip after the data load.
  • And the Sequence, yes it does matter. Which allows to trigger the calculation in the order you specify
  • I had all the data rules under a batch, so i ran the batch
 The calculation script is called and ran successfully, yes i could see  the result in my report as well in the data form :-) 

Happy loading the data/fishing via FDMEE,

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