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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Invoking as ad-hoc or scheduled job from Hyperion Workspace


Users need to copy the data from the PSBP (Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting) manpower cube to the Opex cube (operating expense), since this is on the Mapping Planning Applications to Reporting Applications is available already to do the job.
The Catch is there is no individual role available (atleast in 500) for running the utility. And giving admin access to run this utility was not a solution.

We need to have a job which can invoke the Pushdata utility and we can give access to a user to access only that job, similar to a FR report or a IR job (yes I am from the IR background J)


The solution came to the mind is using publishing a batch file which will call the in Workspace so we can provision the job to the required user.
The Challenge was our Foundation & Planning were installed on Linux and the Reporting & Analysis was installed in Windows (this is a different story why it was done this way)
So need to have a perl script to login to the Linux machine from the windows and then need to call the


We installed the strawberry perl as the perl which comes with EPM do lack some SSH packages needed for the remote login.

Batch file published to Workspace which calls the below script

The Perl script for logging and calling the

Steps for importing the batch file as Job

Create a Generic Job Application as Administer -> Reporting and Analysis -> Generic Job Applications

Create new Generic job applications,

Import the batch file to the workspace

Import the batch file as Job using the Generic Job application created above

Select the Check box for Import as Generic Job

Click finish and Provide the needed access to the respective User or Group. You are done the Batch file can be executed as job.

Check the output from the stdout file

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