Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Opening big forms in Hyperion Planning

Came across this issue that Hyperion Planning a data form (it was one of the biggest form we had)  is taking a while to show the data and shows "fetching data" for a while.

This is was tested on

For On premise Hyperion Planning

Well there is flag available (for quite some time) to change the value of the number of the rows & columns are populated in the data forms.

As per the on premise document

Setting Application Defaults (For all the users)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Customized role for End users to access the FDMEE (Data Management)

In one of our Hyperion Planning implementation, the user was asking for a role for a particular user to run the Interfaces and the batches.

We all know that “Run Integration” will do the trick (nothing special). After giving the “Run Integration” role to the needed user.

This is what the user was able to see/access, before you say it’s working as expected cool, there is a issue.