Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Data Relationship Management Integration with FDMEE-Part 2

For the FDMEE integration with the DRM the patch 23012151 needs to be applied which do have a prerequisite patch 21240419

Apply the Pre-Requisite Oracle JDeveloper (ADF)   Patch 21240419:

Note! If you have installed Hyperion Financial Management release or higher, then this patch is already a pre-requisite and it is not required.

  • Download the patch and unzip to the location MW_HOME\oracle_common\OPatch
  • Change the directory to: MW_HOME\oracle_common\OPatch
  • Run the opatch as follows: 
 Patch applied successfully

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Installing EPM in Windows 2012

In this blog let me cover installing EPM in Windows 2012 (i was preparing a VM box for POC, thought to cover the installation as a blog hope it will help someone)

Installing Enterprise Performance Management

Have downloaded the needed as shown below for the installation of EPM (I will be installing Essbase, Planning, R&A (FR),FDMEE & DRM) for the Windows 64 bit box.

Extracted the 6 zip files to a common location and calling the installer. Make sure its run as administrator.

Select the language as needed, here it will be English.
The Pre-requisite check is done by the installer and reports any issue if there are any. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

What does Outline Load utility (OLU) offers?

As we all know that the Outline Load utility can be used to import metadata and data for standard & custom dimensions, attributes, UDAs, exchange rates, Smart Lists, and planning unit hierarchies from a flat file or a relational data source. 

You can also export metadata and data to a flat file or export metadata to a relational data source using the Outline Load utility

Here let me cover how to load metadata & data from a relational data source using the Outline Load utility

Loading the Metadata from relational data source to Hyperion Planning using OLU

  1. Create a file
A sample .properties file is created as shown below which can connect to a external Relation data source along with the SQL to retrieve the needed metadata in the needed format with all the customized transformation you need, yes if you can't use ODI then this is awesome :-)

# /S:server where Planning is running

# Application where you want to load the metadata

# User used to load the metadata

# jdbc catalog - the Source Relational Schema

# jdbc url - the Connection URL to connect to the Relational Data-source  Schema

# jdbc driver

# Relational Data-source Schema user 

# rdbms password 

# ignore order of members

# sql queries for loading the Entities & Employee Dimension