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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Data Relationship Management Integration with FDMEE-Part 1

In this blog let me cover the integration of the DRM with FDMEE (ohh boy i started to love this Patch, its getting very interesting) 

As per the product read me

In this release, Data Relationship Management has been integrated with FDMEE. Data Relationship Management functions as a hub where reporting structures are maintained, analyzed, and validated before moving throughout the enterprise. It is a change management solution for building and retaining consistency within master data assets.
Used in combination with FDMEE, you can:
• export dimensions and hierarchies from an ERP system to Data Relationship Management
• import data load mappings from Data Relationship Management

To integrate Data Relationship Management with FDMEE (optional):

Apply Hyperion Data Relationship Management Release Patch Number 23012151. Refer to the readme for patch 23012151 for install instructions.

The FDMEE application template is installed as part of the Data Relationship Management installation. You use the template to configure the Data Relationship Management metadata to enable in

Let me start the integration with installing DRM to a existing installation in this blog.

From the Product read me
If this patch will replace an existing installation, related components such as Hyperion Foundation Services are not affected.  However, upgrading from a release prior to will require an upgrade of Foundation Services to
This is the seventh patch on the release.
Installing DRM on Windows Server 2012 R2 (its straight forward)

 I Selected the custom, to show what are the components getting installed 

 The installation was smooth and gave a option to launch the DRM console

Let me cover the integration of FDMEE with DRM in the next series.


  1. Could you please let me know the best training for DRM..
    Sri Prakash

  2. I am looking for DRM

  3. FOR DRM training, the best bet it to follow the Oracle Documentation.It's neat and easy to understand. you would need some basic programming skills ( for Formulas..aka DRM Dynamic Scripting). one thing i can tell you for sure.. the more you work on the DRM the more you will understand how the organizations use metadata for their internal and external reporting..

  4. Nice tutorial. The Oracle Hyperion DRM tutorial was help ful for me. Keep Sharing Tutorials.

  5. Hi, Thanks for sharing this informative content of DRM, I loved this article,the process of explanation is very good.