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Monday, April 18, 2016

Integrating On-Premises FDMEE with Oracle PBCS (Cloud)

Well gone are the days where we need to upload a file extracted from the Oracle EBS to the Oracle PBCS. Yes the Patch Set Update: FDMEE allows you to integrate a On-Premise FDMEE with the Oracle PBCS and many more cloud applications. Cool huh...

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition can be used as a primary gateway to integrate on-premise and cloud based applications. This features allows EPM customers to adapt cloud deployments into their existing EPM portfolio. You might use the integration to import data from existing on-premise ERP applications, or synchronize data from on-premise EPM applications. For example, a Oracle Hyperion Financial Management customers can add Oracle Hyperion Planning data or a Planning customer can add more Planning applications. In addition, this integration includes writing back from a cloud to an on-premise application or other external reporting applications.

This type of integration supports onpremise sources such as: 
• On-premise ERP applications from supported source to Oracle Cloud
• On-premise EPM applications to Oracle Cloud
• Oracle Cloud to on-premise EPM applications
• Oracle Cloud to EBS/Peoplesoft GL
• Oracle Cloud to on-premise external sources using custom application

Lets see how to integrate.

Note: You have to on Patch Set Update: FDMEE or higher to do so.

when i did tried to add a Oracle PBCS, it gave a the error message,

Well the error message is related to the certificate and the product document does list some steps for the flawless integration.

Open the Oracle PBCS url

Open the SSL certificate

Saved the certificate as pbcs.crt and import it to the Weblogic Server

The certificate was imported successfully, now need to enable the Weblogic to use the JSSE SSL for communicating with the Oracle PBCS.

Enabled the Use JSSE SSL & the Host name Verification.

 Saved the change and activated.

A restart of the FDMEE services is needed 

Added the Oracle PBCS application, 

Click on the Cloud and Specify the details (make sure the user do have needed access the complete application)

TIP: Under the URL enter the url without the workspace/index.jsp
Make sure you enter the Domain too even its not mandatory 

Gives the option to select Planning or Essbase application. Cool huh... Since i didn't had any Essbase application i selected a Planning application.
You can Deployment Type: Cloud & under the Application Options all the Cloud related  properties.

Well that's it for now folks, happy hybrid with FDMEE.