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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Is there a Essbase Web services - Part 3

After the continuation of the Part 1 & Part 2 in the post i will cover the Output of the Admin service program in this post.

As per the document the Administration web services can be used to start, monitor, or stop Essbase Server, applications, and cubes and to perform operations, such as executing MaxL scripts. You can perform the following operations:

  • Start()
Input: URI (Essbase application or cube)

Output: Void

The Status of Database Plan 1 for the Vision application before performing the Start() operation via Web Services.  

Invoking the operation 

Output of the operation
Status of Database Plan 1 for the Vision application after performing the Start() operation via Web Services. 

  • Stop()
Input: URI (Essbase application or cube)Output: Void

Stopping the Database Plan 1 for the Vision application 

Output is returned as Void   

Status the Database Plan 1 for the Vision application - Its stopped

  • Ping()
Input: URI (Essbase application or cube)Output: Packet round trip time in milliseconds

Ping the Database Plan 1 for the Vision application 

The Database Plan 1 for the Vision application stopped so it returns -1 
The Database Plan 1 for the Vision application is started and the ping returns 0 ms as the ping result.

  • Perform()
Input: MaxL statementOutput: Two-dimensional string array of MaxL result set

The Perform operation is used to execute the MAXL display variable 'Vision'.'PlanVersion'  
 Output is displayed below, 

This concludes the Admin Web-service of the Essbase Web-service. Will cover the other two modules in the coming posts.

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