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Friday, December 30, 2016

Loading data into PBCS ASO using Smart-view HsSetValue & HsGetValue!!!

Let me cover a simple one this time, how to load data to a ASO cube using smart view in PBCS using HsSetValue & HsGetValue

Just make sure the following statements are true before the load

The Level 0 members are selected for the data load for all the dimension’s part of the ASO cube

As we all know we can’t load the data to a dynamic calculated members and attribute members

As per the document


Data sources: Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Essbase Cloud, Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud, Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud

HsGetValue retrieves data from the data source for selected members of a dimension. When HsGetValue retrieves no data, the value specified for the #NoData/Missing Label replacement option is used (see Table 1). When users select Refresh or Refresh All, only

HsGetValue is called. When users select Submit, HsSetValue is called first, HsGetValue is then called only if HsSetValue returns successfully.

Syntax Private connection:

Shared connection:


Data sources: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud

HsSetValue sends a data value from a worksheet to a data source selected members of a dimension. To send data to a data source, you must have the appropriate load rule and write access for the data source.

Syntax Private connection:
HsSetValue (dollar amount,"PrivateConnectionName","POV")

Shared connection:
HsSetValue (dollar amount,"WSFN|ProviderType|Server|Application|Database","POV")

Complete POV is built for the data load by accessing the individual cells and the value of cell Z22 will be loaded.

Once the data is loaded it can be validates using the formula


Hope this is useful!!!

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