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Friday, March 17, 2017

Creating a large number of access to member’s in PBCS using Excel!!!

We all know what does the Access to members does and how to assign to a particular member in PBCS

The challenge here is how will do a mass/huge creation of access to members. Again a thanks to Johngoodwin who helped me here.

The process is as follows,

  1.  Create a couple of Assess to members to get start with manually
2.    Once we have a handful of them, create a LCM export using “Application Management”

Under Security it will display the users and the groups which were given access to the dimension members

Export the artefacts by selecting only the Security as at this point we are interested in only security. But the whole application can be selected and the changes can be imported back.

The exported files will look like following

 Update the Security information as needed,
Ø  Extract the zip file using 7zip

ØOpen the Users.xml for assigning the access to users and Groups for giving the access to the groups.The users.xml will display as below,
Under <name> add  the user you want to assign the access
Under <objectName> add the dimension member you want to assign the access
Under <flag> provide one value as needed
Under <accessMode> either provide READ or READWRITE as needed.
Once the file is edited and ready for both the users.xml and Groups, have them zipped using 7zip.

     Let’s see how to build the xml files using Excel

Open Excel and create a data source using the original xml file exported from LCM

Once you have the needed content in the excel re you get that saved as a XMl file using “XML Data” as the save option.

4.    Importing the edited artefacts back to PBCS.
Now the artefacts can be imported back (after adding all the needed access to the dimension members) to PBCS either manually or getting it automated
Uploading Manually and importing it back
Selecting the uploaded artefacts and importing it.          

That’s it you are done. As i write this blog Celvin have come up with awesome idea of creating the xml using the Groovy 


  1. Nice Post. The Hyperion Panning tutorial was Really help ful for me. Keep Sharing…………

  2. How does the user provisioning happens from OIM to PBCS. We wanted to automate the process of creating the users. Any assistance is highly appreciated.