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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Direct URL for Accessing Data Management!!!

Have seen this question multiple times in the public forum on how to access the Data Management directly rather than accessing it via the Workspace?

The URL for On-Premise to access the Data Management directly


The URL for PBCS/EPCS to access the Data Management directly

While accessing the above URL if the Workpace is already opened it opens in a seperate tab. If not logged in before opens up in the same tab in IE.

Note: This is applicable to both On-Premise and PBCS/EPCS


  1. Thank you! Is it also possible to link from the tasklist to Data Management, so far no luck. Thanks in advance.

  2. Yes, you can invoke the direct URL from Taks List. What is the error you are getting and how did you setup the task list?

    1. If I use the direct link, I will be directed to the login screen and after login Data Management is shown. That is good.
      What I then did was creating a link, entering the same direct link, added the link to the tasklist. But when I click the link in the tasklist I get the following message:
      "This window can now be closed since the application has been launched in a separate window."
      And nothing happens (no pop-up, no data management tab).
      I'm on Thank you for your help.

    2. Hi Dayalan, any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!

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  5. Is there any way i can use Direct URL for DM in EPBCS Dashboards

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