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Monday, January 29, 2018

Mass loading of Attribute Dimension into Oracle PBCS!!!

We all knew what is an Attribute dimension and how to create one in Oracle PBCS/EPBCS. In this post lets see how to bulk load the Attribute dimension into Oracle PBCS/EPBCS.
If we want to create/update more than 100/1000 of attribute dimension it will be cumbersome to get them created/updated via the Standard Interface.

In my case I need to load around 100 attribute dimension members, let's call the attribute dimension as “JobTitle” and need to associate them with the Employee dimension.

Yes, just like any other dimensions you can Export/Import them from the Simplified Interface. The trick is you won't find them listed under Dimension,
But when you click on Export/Import button 

  And Create an Import Job, you could see the Attribute dimension listed down

Note: Do remember the "Clear Members" option is grayed out for Attribute & Smart Lists.
The File after Export or the Import File should be in the format

Another method of loading the Attribute dimension is via the LCM. Remeber we need to have the Attribute Dimension loaded first before associating them with the respective dimension in this case Employee Dimension
Under the Categories --> Planning
The Export/Import of the file will be in this format 
Note: Don't bother about the UUID when you perform an Import, you can either leave it blank or copy an existing value and use the same value for all the rows. The system will assign the UUID in either case. So you are good there.

So choose either one of the method and get your Attribute dimension loaded. Once you have them in place then you can load your Employee Dimension. 

This is Employee import file with the Attribute assignment for each employee,

I did used the Dimension Import option to load the Employee Dimension, with the above file.

That's it for now, Happy time with Oracle PBCS!!!


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  3. Hi,

    What about via Data Management/FDMEE? Is it possible to assign there during data load or create another load using same file as data load?

  4. Any idea how to reload an attribute dimension with a different structure than before? Using the simplified interface I keep getting the following error

    com.hyperion.planning.DuplicateObjectException: An object with the name xxx already exists.