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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Smart View Error and easy fix to that - PBC/EPC

We all might have seen this common error in Smart View in On-premise or in the Cloud instance (PBC, EPC etc...). It a very common error message which says there is no data for the selected combination of the POV. 

 What if you are sure that there is data in the application for the selected POV or it was working before for the same selected POV and the same sheet is throwing an error now. Ya, that is an embarrassment right??

We will be talking about the situation where it was working before and no changes is being made to the Excel sheet and the same Excel sheet is throwing the error message “Ad hoc grid can not be opened as there are no valid rows of data.”


It was reported as a bug and got fixed in, but I could still see this behavior in the latest version of the Smart View
But the good news is the same old solution still works here with a little twist, all you have to do is
  • If the Suppress rows are "Enabled" for "No Data/Missing" – disable the checkbox
  • If the Suppress rows are "Disabled" for "No Data/Missing" – enable the checkbox

And you are all set, you will see the data coming with a refresh of the sheet, hope this was helpful today!!!!

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