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Sunday, June 28, 2015

ODI-10093 : you are importing an object from another repository with the same identifier. it is forbidden.

ODI-10093 is a generic error message, when we try to import any artefact to the ODI work repository. Well there are many suggestion available but i thought let me share this KB found in oracle support portal for the benefit of all the ODI folks out there.


To avoid this problem with this particular release of the Oracle Knowledge Analytics DO NOT choose any of the following ODI repository IDs during the installation of your ODI software. If you have already installed ODI, verify that the repository IDs do NOT match any of the following:
  • MASTER REPOSITORY ID: 0,353,366,500,541,542,651
  • WORK REPOSITORY ID: 1,36,74,91,129,268,353,366,452,541,542,600,651,656,667,720,789,801,888
#     Review the installation log files in the <Oracle Knowledge Analytics Install Dir>/Analytics/logs. There should be a log file for the Master repository, the logical topology, and the Work repository. Any errors encountered will be listed in those log files. A normal log file will indicate "Finished ODI Import." at the end.
#     If you see an error similar to the following - ODI-10093: You are importing an object from another repository with the same identifier in the log files - Open the ODI Studio > Topology > Repository > expand Work Repository > Right click on WORKREP> Renumber > Click Ok for popups > give the different number other than in the list specified above and any existing internal ids from other repositories.
#     Use the ODI Studio to re-import the folder containing the Master or Work repository files (whichever had the error above). Select the "Synonym mode INSERT_UPDATE"

If the issue still persists,

1. Login to you work repository Database using username and password from any SQL terminal

2. Delete entries from SNP_IMPORT_REP.

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