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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Deleting a Hyperion Planning dimension member, which refuse to get deleted

Let me explain the issue first and what needs to be done to overcome it.


Me and my collogue were testing the outline load utility (the option available in the workspace), we created 2 test members under the account dimension and trying to load the data to them.
We selected the Entity as the "Dimension to Import" and selected Account as "Driver Member Specification".


We completed the testing and was trying to delete the two account members which were created, we couldn't delete those members. They are not part of any forms,calculation,reports etc....
Throws the error message that is associated with some other object. But there was none (no forms,calculation scripts is associated)

The two members were still referenced in the table "HSP_Driver_Member", when we select a different set of members as driver members it finally allowed us to delete the members.

Suggestion to Hyperion Planning development team:
When we click on the reset button on the Import and Export page, it should ideally clear the reference of the driver members used before.

Happy Planning !!!! 

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